EduTab Classroom: Reinventing Education!

EduTab Classroom is transforming the way people learn and teach! Powerful applications, great tools and much more become available in a device the younger generation loves to have. Truly, the product reinvents the conventional educational system existed here for ages. EduTab is a solution which functions as a standalone educational operating system equipped with wireless connectivity inside an interactive system. Choose from among the lab, teacher or individual versions as per your requirements.

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Utilizing the power of tablets in teaching and learning

Tablets have become an intriguing development that took the industry by storm. Tablet PCs are much more compact than a laptop; the constraint of screen size would seem to pose a limit on miniaturization. The portability, pen-based input, low power consumption, and optional portrait screen format make learning smooth. With the power of tablets and advanced tools EduTab becomes a perfect learning partner.The EduTab becomes as convenient to carry as a paperback book.

Personalized Learning Environment

The main intention behind EduTab is personalized learning. It has been tailored with pedagogy, curriculum, and learning environments for learners in order to meet their different learning needs and aspirations.The “sage on the stage” is being replaced by “the guide on the side”—and that’s a good thing.

Revolutionary User Experience

If a tough user interface is what makes you stay away from being part of a fully computerized classroom, EduTab will eliminate all your concerns. Setting up an EduTab classroom here is a breeze and it requires no additional training. If you know how to operate your mobile phone, you will know how to customize EduTab in the way you want.

Stay connected

The administrator in the lab can set up the network in such a way that the devices of the students get automatically interconnected when they are in the lab. This enables instant communication, easy content transfer and a host of other interactive features. Now teacher is just a tap away on the screen to solve queries.

Go digital

The teachers can customize the contents and can be as creative as they want. Insert videos, animations, text files or anything you want in the lessons offered to help your students. Interactive lessons give a real world experience. You can even use online streaming content for the purpose.


EduTab features assessment activities like exams, assignments, polls, feedbacks. Evaluation and review submission is just a matter of few seconds Teachers have the opportunity to measure ofstudent's learning on a continual base.

One-touch Report

One of the main advantages is that the notion of effective learningiscompletely tractable. Attendance reports, log reports, exam results;in fact the entire evaluation mechanism at your fingertips.Parents could easily track their children’s progress and performance from reports section. Whatever you need whenever you need it...


Inter-activeness is something everyone expects in software. And, EduTab offers it from start to finish. The interactive stuffs available here would leave your students with no choice, but to get involved in every activity you assign. As a result EduTab gifts you an interactive learning experience.Interactivity promotes stronger relationships and bonds deeper between the students and the teacher.

Have a vast library of your own

EduTab classroom also features an in-built app store and WikiPage. This digital library system represents the richness and wealth of information which provides the unsophisticated users with flexible access to rich information. An institution can run its own app store and share it with students or even to public. This will really overcome geographical barrier offering wide range of academic, research and cultural resources that can be accessed from anywhere over the distributed network.