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EduTab ClassroomWe transform the world with technology. EduTab Classroom gets your students motivated and focused.

EduTab Tablet Classroom Solution is the Highest Innovation for Educational Purpose, Tablets for Schools, Best Tablets for Learning & Teaching

EduTab Classroom

EduTab Classroom is an innovative development in the field of education. We use the power and ease of tablets to spread education beyond traditional classrooms and make the lessons stick with students. EduTab has attracted large numbers of customers in various educational verticals. We offer an extensive suite of solutions to help our customers better improve their experience, from procedure advancement through execution. We Offers K-12 Digital Contents for CBSE & ICSE Curriculam. EduTab Classroom is a Complete Tablet Based Smart Classroom for Educational Purpose and the Next Gen Tablet Learning & Teaching Experience

  • Tablet-enabled learning
  • Assessment activities
  • One - to - one teaching
  • Revolutionary user experience
  • Multimedia enriched contents
  • Personalized learning
  • Interactive
  • One touch report

Easy to Use

EduTab lets teachers and students connect with just a single tap. This enables ease of content transfer, instant communication and a host of other interactive features.


EduTab enhances student’s ability to collaborate on substantive content through a constructivist approach. This creates an environment of active, involved, exploratory learning.

Go Digital

EduTab allows you create and use digital contents in rich media formats. This overcomes the tremendous challenge of keeping students motivated and interested in learning

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EduTab Tablet Language LabThe world’s most advanced and futuristically designed Tablet enabled language learning system

EduTab Tablet Language Lab

EduTab Tablet Language Lab is the best instructional tool available for language learning. This educational solution brings assured benefits for both teachers as well as students in improving their language skills. This will be a fresh experience to everyone who wishes to explore their language skill and establish it to a standard platform. EduTab Tablet Language Lab is full of applicable and creative featured, yet the most affordable language laboratory on the market.

  • Fast and easy evaluation
  • Personalized learning
  • Voice comparison and instant feedback
  • Accelerates listening and speaking skills


EduTab creates an innovative system with multiple possibilities for individualization and interactivity. Learners can participate in a number of stimulating learning activities from our application.


Modeled on the ethos of active, constant evolvement, EduTab changes the learning process. EduTab boosts engagement, achievement and even optimizes educational efforts.


s one of the most advanced and sophisticated tools in our solution, which allows students to compare their voice with their teacher. Graphical representation helps students track their progress.

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